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Junior Race Night

All new for summer 2022, Junior Race Night!

Teenagers aged from 14-16 years old can now take part in a timed race!

A 10-min practice and qualifying session and 20-min race on the national circuit.

The races will be on our single engined 200cc karts that feature adjustable pedals to fit a range of height. These karts are smaller and lighter, built for speed.

This is an open format race meaning that individuals or small groups can book, we fill the rest of the spaces. But if you have 15 friends you're more than welcome to make it a party and book a race exclusively - just for you!

£48 per driver plus £2.50 for a brand new set of gloves and balaclava which is yours to keep and bring back next time.


Call us 01642231117 or Book Online Here


How can I take part?

Individuals or groups of less than 8 drivers...

You can book for just yourself or a small goup, each race will have a maximum of 15 drivers. We will fill the rest of the spaces.

When can we race?

The Junior Race Nights are Wednesday and Thursday nights from 1700-1900, each week we will add one time one time slot for you to join in to.

What does the price cover?

Each driver will be able to borrow a race suit and helmet, but will also need to purchase a set of gloves and balaclava. Before the race, every driver will receive a briefing, which will cover all the details of the race and how to drive on the circuit in the safest way to protect all participating drivers.

Each driver will be assigned their own kart for the race. If anything happens to that kart, we have spare karts that you can swap to, so you will be able to continue your race.

All races are electronically timed so we can inform everyone of their best lap times. You'll also be able to check these out after the race at Medals will be given for first, second and third place in the race.

National Circuit

Hieght and age restrictions apply

Min. Height 5'2"

Min Age 14 - max 16 years old