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COVID-19 - Events and you

Over the last six months, the way we traverse the world has changed to protect us in our daily lives. This has meant changes at the circuit, below are some of the changes, how they affect you and what to do when you arrive for an event.

This page was updated on Monday, 29th March 2021, it may not be possible to update with every guideline change.

Karting Events

  • You can no longer pop in and drive, all karting has to be pre-booked, and you will be asked to use an electronic form to sign on on-line before you arrive on site. This helps us in two ways 
  • fewer people having to come into the office and speak to staff
  • makes track and trace easier to manage as we know who is here, all their details and when they arrived and left.
  • Anyone who isn't driving but is coming on-site must sign on our track and trace forms
  • Groups of six people from a social bubble can kart together, each group must arrive in groups of no more than six and stay in that group whilst here.
  • groups cannot mingle once on site
  • Face masks must be worn at all times on site unless you are wearing a helmet
  • Drivers who may be exempt from wearing a mask should be able to present an authorised exemption certificate if you are unable to wear a mask you may not be able to wear a helmet so you should consider not travelling to the venue to take part in an event.

Using our helmets and suits

  • Our changing rooms have changed to make sure there isn't any cross-contamination.
  • two at a time you can collect your items and take them to the picnic tables to put your gear on.
  • after your race, you head to the back of the building to give us your suits and helmets back through a hatch.
  • they are then cleaned and sanitised before being used again.
  • Every driver is required to use a balaclava and gloves when they borrow a helmet
  • we cannot reuse these as we normally would - everyone gets a brand new set to wear, each driver now has to pay for these on top of the price they are £2.50
  • you can keep them afterwards and use them next time saving £2.50 on your next visit
  • the gloves are great for gardening and the kids can have fun with the balaclavas when playing.
  • if you have your own helmet, balaclava or gloves feel free to use them instead, helmets have to be full-faced.


  • After each use, all suits are washed at 40 degrees and then tumble dried at a high temperature
  • After each use helmets are sprayed with a special helmet sanitiser which is 70% alcohol, then left to dry
  • every day the helmets are treated with ozone, which is a gas that kills any germs or viruses that might be on them 
  • a minimum of once per week each helmet is deep cleaned with a foam cleaner to get deeper into the fabric and padding

The Briefing

Everyone who comes to drive at Teesside Karting must receive a briefing each time they come, this explains what's going to happen, how to operate the karts and covers all the safety aspects of your visit, it also gives you an opportunity to ask questions.

In order to maintain social distancing during the briefing

  • each group of six will be allocated a numbered bay, these are a minimum of 2 meters apart and outside, to sit at while you get changed and briefed
  • you will then receive your briefing from one of our instructors
  • each group will then be taken in turn to the karts
  • your kart is allocated to you by name


The Race or arrive and drive session

  • Before you use the karts they are sanitised with a special hard surface cleaner that is formulated to kill viruses.
  • After the race, you will pull in to the pits, the instructor will ask groups of six to exit the karts and move to the changing area.
  • When all the drivers are out of the karts in the changing area you should gather back into your bubble groups each group should approach the changing room return area, one group, at a time.
  • When you have removed your helmets you should keep your balaclava on covering your face and nose until you can put a face-covering/mask on.


Spectators [hire karts]

Currently, groups of adults coming to race cannot bring spectators with them to watch, please do not bring people who are not going to race with you as they may be offended if they are turned away.

Parents accompanying children who are taking part in a session must stay with their children and are considered supervisors, a suitable place to wait and watch from will be pointed put by the instructor, please stay in this area unless told otherwise.

Spectators, mechanics, helpers and parents [other events]

Each event will have its own guidelines in place, in most cases, those rules will adhere to a similar policy as laid out below.

  • Each rider/driver/team will be allowed a set number of people to accompany them to the circuit, referred to as a bubble.
  • Many events will have a sign on form issued for the spectators as well as drivers/riders
  • All of these accompanying people must be over 16 years old unless they are the rider/driver
  • Each of these 'bubbles' must not have more than six people, from no more than two households, where applicable.
  • Each 'bubble' should only mix with each other and not mingle with other bubbles who are at the same events
  • Areas for spectators to stand in the viewing areas will be clearly defined and you will be told where to stand - each space will hold six people

Masks/Face coverings and hand sanitiser

  • You should aim to wear a mask or face covering at all times when at the circuit
  • Even within your designated area with your 'bubble' other people may still pass close by to access other facilities
  • If you have a genuine reason that means you are exempt you can get an authorised exemption card from the NHS please make sure to bring this with you and a photo ID card.
  • Please do not be offended if challenged- the staff are only doing their job
  • People without an authorised exemption card that refuses to wear a mask will be escorted from the venue
  • We have provided hand sanitiser stations around the circuit for public use, however, you should bring your own and use it frequently.

Aggression towards staff

Please do not become aggressive towards staff when asked to wear a face-covering or mask when on our site.

  • Customers that become aggressive will be ejected from the site
  • Customers that deliberately cough into our faces and threaten staff members with COVID-19 will be the subject of prosecution, as well as being banned from all future events.