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In 2021, the Respect in racing group was formed by Race Directors, Clerk of the Course, and Championship Organisers from across the Independant Kart Racing sector.

The Groups main objective is to eliminate the biased perception that IKR's were a place where one could race without any consequences for their actions, flout the rules and generallu behave as they pleased. It was observed that many drivers, who were considered the top of the game, would use IKR as a platform to bully their way to the front, leading to an increase in agressive behaviour from drivers, families and teams.

IKR is often the first experince of karting for many families, and as organisers and officials, the goal is to encourage drivers and their families to become part of the Karting world. The group wants to ensure that they can participate in high-level compeititions without feeling like there are two different worlds; one with rules and respect and another run by outlaws in the wild west.

The Respect in racing group has s simple set of rules outlined in the policy docuement. Drivers, families, organisers and officials must;-

  • Act respectifully while attending any Karting events and when discussing karting in-person or online.
  • Expect to be treated in the same way in return.
  • Failure to act in a respectful manner will have consequences that apply to all member venues.