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Welcome to the world's longest kart circuit

The track at Teesside Karting offers a magnificent place to race, with four main layouts to suit everyone's needs. Tap or click the pictures above to see the different circuits in more detail.

The International Circuit (shown in red above)
Taking in the entire length of the track, the International Circuit can be set for many variations in layout through the use of different types of chicanes.

The National Circuit (shown in green above)
Offering plenty of twists, turns and high-speed straights, the National Circuit is the track as it was first built. Again, this circuit can be configured in a variety of ways; so sometimes when you come, you might be racing a different set-up designed to spice things up.

The Arrive and Drive Circuit(shown in yellow above)
The Clubman Circuit utilises the west side of the track and is great for shorter races, as well as for instruction and for honing kart driving skills. This area is particularly popular for children's parties and 'Arrive and Drive' sessions.

The Track Day Circuit (shown in orange above)
This circuit layout is used where overall speed is the biggest priority.